Baptism celebrates the faithfulness of God through Jesus and inclusion in the covenant family of God. Solana Beach Presbyterian Church offers opportunities throughout the year for infants and young child baptism with the profession of their parent’s faith and for children (3rd grade and older), students, and adults with the profession of their own faith.


Baptism Orientation and Membership Classes

For all of parents of infants and children who wish them to be baptized, they will need to attend a Baptism Orientation Class. One or both parents must be a member of SBPC.

Children in 3rd to 8th grade who have decided to follow Jesus may also be baptized if they choose. They will need to attend a Baptism Class to learn more about what it means to be baptized follower of Jesus.

Adults who wish to be baptized are asked to join the church through our New Member Seminar and profess their faith in Jesus Christ.

Upcoming Classes

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