Christmas in Rosarito

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This past December 15th  was filled with the love and goodness of God, and with 1000 Christmas Shoe Boxes and soccer balls for the children living in Rosarito. The majority of these boxes were filled by the loving hands of families at Solana Beach Presbyterian Church, and many families donated soccer balls as well. The Christmas Shoe Boxes included Christmas surprises like, beanies, toys, t-shirts, crayons, paper, pencils, candy treats and some toiletries. For many of them… it was their Christmas!

Sixteen people from north of the border, many from SBPC, teamed up with 3 churches in Rosarito for a city wide Christmas Outreach Program. It was held downtown at the Municipal Building. There was worship, singing, and a sermon, followed by a Christmas Pageant. The event culminated with 60 people, young and old, giving themselves to the Lord! As more than 1,200 joyful people filed out of the building, each received a delicious torta sandwich made by the women of the local churches.

Then the fun began for many of us! The children excitedly lined up and were handed a Christmas Shoe Box appropriate for their age. For the children that were over the age of twelve, a soccer ball was given. The smiles and grateful hearts of the children were undeniable. It was felt not only from the children receiving the boxes, but the children handing them out as well! The love and goodness of God made this outreach an amazing God honoring day!

A big thank you to all those followers of Jesus that made this possible.

—Jeri Sipe

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