SBPC Care Team

Care Resources

  • Individual Counseling
  • Pastoral Visitation – Hospital, Home, Convalescent
  • Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Weddings
  • Funerals / Memorials
  • End of Life Planning for Funerals / Memorials

To schedule any of the above events please contact
Karen La-Haise
Coordinator of Care Ministries
858 509-2580 x 1221

Stephen Ministry recognizes the brokeness in all of us… and helps to bring Christ’s healing to us through each other.

Can a Stephen Minister help you? Do you need help?

  • Have you recently suffered a loss?
  • Are you new in the community and feeling uprooted?
  • Do you doubt God’s presence and love for you?
  • Do your job worries seem too great to handle? Are they getting you down?
  • Are you, or someone you love, facing hospitalization or surgery?
  • Are you feeling depressed? Do you often wish you had someone to share your thoughts with?
  • Are you confused about events in you life?
  • Are you hurting?

A Stephen Minister is…

  • a caring Christian – desiring to offer support to others in time of need
  • a sharing Christian – bringing who he/she is to each helping relationship, as a partner in another’s life experiences
  • a trained Christian – having developed helping skills through intensive coursework
  • a dedicated Christian – one committed to confidential, in-depth caring

A Stephen Minister is not…

  • a professional pastor, therapist, counselor, or psychologist
  • a social worker providing lots of physical services
  • an expert in law, finance, church doctrine, etc.
  • a brief, superficial visitor ‘touching base’ with people now and then

Trained individuals provide support and a confidential caring relationships in times of need  for persons facing various acute life challenges/crises.


Penny Cox, Referrals and Requests for a Stephen Minister
Confidential phone number

Sheila Ransom, Stephen Ministry Team Leader

Karen La-Haise, SBPC Staff Contact
858-509-2580 x 1221


Would you like to be trained as a Stephen Minister?

  • Stephen Ministry is a distinctively Christian caring ministry that provides one-on-one support to individuals experiencing all kinds of life’s challenges and needs.
  • If you have any of the spiritual gifts of mercy, encouragement, and wisdom and have a heart for ministering to individuals experiencing difficult challenges of life, Stephen Ministry is for you.
  • Stephen Ministry Basic Training will continue on Mondays beginning each January. This phase runs for 6 months and is followed by 15 months of active care ministry supported by your own spiritual formation, continuing education (2nd Monday evening of each month), and supervision.



Karen La-Haise, SBPC Staff Liaison
858-509-2580 x 1221

Loss produces an ache….an emptiness….a sadness. It requires a major adjustment in life, one that most of us would rather avoid. Yet, loss is inevitable, and though we often feel we would rather not burden others with our sorrow, it is in coming together and sharing our journey through grief that the burden becomes lighter.


GriefShare 13-week series – Grief Support Group
Date, time and location – TBA.

For information about the next GriefShare 13-week video and workbook series, Contact Karen La Haise for assistance. Register here.

The Wellness Ministry is a developing ministry designed to provide resources, information and care for the mind, body, and spirit to the members and friends of SBPC and the surrounding communities. Some of the scope and goals of the ministry are:

  • Seminars on Mental Health for all ages
  • Monthly blood pressure screenings
  • Hospital, rehab, and home visitations
  • Encore newsletter articles
  • An online 5 Wishes program

The Wellness Ministry Team is comprised of retired and active nurses led by Cindy Wright, Minister of Care & Mature Adults.

Contact information:

Cindy Wright, Minister of Care & Mature Adults, at 858-509-2580 x 1400 or at

What happens AFTER accepting Jesus into your life? The typical testimony could lead you to believe that all hurts, habits, and hang ups instantly disappear. What a shock to the new believer when they don’t! Recovery, transformation, and sanctification are incremental, lifelong processes, part of “working through your salvation with fear and trembling” (Phil 2:12). Walking with Jesus is a personal journey, not a corporate destination, and it is a non-stop string of personal challenges and deep consolations. If your personal sin, regret, resentment, hurts, habits, or hang-ups seem to be getting in the way of your relationship with your Savior, come join a safe, gentle, Christ-centered group that will help you work through your “stuff”.

Solana Beach Presbyterian Church partners with Seacoast Community Church, Daybreak Church, and North Coast Calvary Chapel.

Location: North Coast Calvary Chapel for the “big meeting”
1330 Pointsettia Lane, Carlsbad (located at the corner of Pointsettia Lane and Aviara Pkwy)

When, Where, What: Thursday evenings from 7pm to 9pm in Room B-201. This is a time of worship, encouragement, fellowship, and optional sharing

Additionally, we utilize the 12-Step workbooks from Celebrate Recovery, rely on Celebrate Recovery trained leaders, and form separate small groups for men and women to focus on personally working through the steps of recovery.

To be part of Celebrate Recovery please contact…
Larry Erickson


Learn more

For cancer patients and/or family members

One on one support and resource referral.

Muffie Knox

Preparing and delivering meals to:

  • those who are ill
  • those who are recovering
  • those who are grieving
  • parents of new infants
  • those who need help

To receive meals or help provide meals, please contact:
Pat Thistle

This is a 12-month grief support series via mail.

To receive the booklets, please contact:

Karen La-Haise
858-509-2580 x 1221

Are you homebound and want to receive communion?
The Deacon’s Care Ministries Team manages and lovingly provides communion for homebound members and friends participating in the life of the congregation.

A team of 2 Elders and/or Deacons will come to your place of dwelling and administer communion as an extension of the communion served in the worship service on the first Sunday of the month.

For questions, information and requests for home communion please contact:
Barb Jones, Deacon

Do you want to help serve communion?
Many have gone before us and been faithful in their attendance, support, and service to this church.  Their names and faces may not be known to all of us, but God knows who they are.  Many of them are no longer able to come to worship, but still long for that opportunity.  That is where God may be calling you to serve, if you are a past or present Deacon or Elder.

Our church has an ongoing need for home communion servers.  The training is simple, the time commitment minimal and, best of all, the Lord does the work – he just asks you to show up.

Barb Jones

Prayer at SBPC

Prayer is a critical foundation of how we function as a church. Obeying God’s command to pray for all things and one another, supporting one another in faith, and believing where two or more are gathered together God’s Spirit is there also, is our Prayer Team’s mandate.

We have over 60 people who are committed to praying over a list of prayer requests each week.  Requests can be for any type of support, which is needed for ones self or loved one.

Join the Prayer Chain
Prayer Chain Deacon, Linda Smith;

Prayer after Worship Services: A team is available to pray with individuals who come forward for prayer following each worship service. The prayer team is there to support and minister to you through prayer.

Sue Mansho,, 619-384-8226


Groups which meet together either weekly to pray for specific needs.

  • Thursdays: 9:00am – 10:00am – prayer for missions. Meet in Pastor Juan-Daniel’s Office

Additional Information: Contact Deacon Susie Holtkamp-Love,; 760-500-2858

Weddings at SBPC

Getting Married at Solana Beach Presbyterian Church…
We are pleased that you are considering having your wedding at Solana Beach Presbyterian Church. Included is some information that should help make your planning process easier. 

A wedding may be booked for any time of the day since we only book one wedding a day. Morning weddings tend to be booked around 11 am for a lunch reception. Afternoon weddings tend to be booked around 4 pm for an evening reception. We book weddings on most days of the week, except for Sundays.  We may not be able to book weddings on certain weekends due to holidays or church events. Please note that we do not book weddings in November or December.

The following dates are unavailable annually:

  •  2 Saturdays before Palm Sunday thru the Saturday after Easter
  •  Memorial Day Weekend
  •  Weekend before and after Pentecost
  •  4th of July Weekend
  •  Months of November and December

The cost for a wedding at SBPC is $700 for Members & Friends of the church; $1100 for Non-Members.  This includes use of the facilities for a wedding rehearsal and the ceremony,  the SBPC wedding coordinator, sound technician, an organist /pianist, custodial services, and use of the bridal & Grooms rooms.  There is no fee charged to the bride and groom by the PASTOR, however most often a gift/honorarium is given at the discretion of the couple.

Debin Hall Auditorium (fellowship hall) is now available for wedding receptions.  The cost of a reception starts at $1000.  This includes use of the room, tables. chairs, setup/breakdown & custodial services, and a reception coordinator (the SBPC liaison for planning a reception).

For information and cost breakdown, please contact Karen LaHaise, .

Couples Counseling – Couples being married by a pastor on the SBPC staff are required to participate in pre-marital counseling prior to getting married. Each pastor will personally schedule his or her sessions with a couple and select the materials to be used.

Karen La-Haise
Coordinator of Care Ministries
(858) 509-2580 x1221


We are currently in compliance with the county purple tier guidelines. As of February 2, 2021, we will be offering outdoor memorial services, with the limitation of 50 people in attendance.  Planning and coordination of these services are handled through the Office of Care Ministries (see “Contact” below).  

We are not able to hold memorial receptions on campus at this time.

For more information or any other questions, please contact:

Karen La-Haise
Coordinator of Care Ministries
(858) 509-2580 x1221 

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