Being Good Neighbors in our Community: Generosity sparks Gratitude

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CSD365 volunteers and staff at NCICC and Casa de Amistad have worked diligently to identify, contact, and supply the needs of the most vulnerable families and individuals whom they serve. Many of these families are experiencing financial hardships during the COVID19 season.

For going on 6 weeks now, 62 families in need have been receiving weekly grocery gift cards from funds raised by individuals at SBPC and from Kingdom Builders Foundation. Many families were given relief as they were able to keep food on the table thanks to our donors! It has been such a blessing to see God’s love, community, and provision in these difficult times.

Please continue to pray for our families in need, some of which are of single parent households with no income right now. Pray for the elderly and for the undocumented NCICC currently serves. Pray for an end to COVID-19, for peace in the chaos of uncertainty and for God’s provision so we may continue to assist those in need.

If you are interested in:
1. Donating: Please donate online to “Mission Outreach- Community Serve 365”

2. Serving Opportunities: Visit the CSD 365 website

In Christ,
Community Serve 365 Team

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