Alternative Christmas Market (ACM)

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Our God is an amazing god! He heard my prayers and blessed me well beyond them. Several years ago I was frustrated because I wanted to meet new people in our church, beyond my current circle of friends. I shared my desire with  our leaders and they suggested I volunteer in a new area that I hadn’t been involved with before. Then, I was asked by Judy Theriault to co-lead Alternative Christmas Market (ACM). Saying yes to that call turned into a blessing in so many ways…

 First it introduced me to the inner workings of ACM. I met an amazing group of men and women, like Nara Hartman who has served on the ACM team since she was in high school (over 25 years)! Betsy Clark has led ACM finances for 13 years, and there are many others like her on the team. Also, there are more than 50 people that join together to decorate, set up, and run the Alternative Christmas market.  In addition to meeting all these dedicated and loving folks I was asked to be part of the outreach leader team, another great group of people I had never met! God really opened the doors of new relationships.

 But that was just the beginning of God’s work in me. ACM helped me realize all that this church does to impact people here and all over the world.  I had the pleasure of traveling to the Afar desert and seeing the impact that this church is making in one of the toughest places to live in the world, to go to Mexico with George Arapage’s team on a Saturday and see their love, joy, and hope they bring to kids. I am so proud and excited to be a part of a church that works together to make such an impact.

 ACM prepares my heart for the true meaning of Christmas. What better way to start the holiday season  than to offer a way to love and care for God‘s people, to buy a gift of hope for somebody else. It is so much fun decorating and getting ready the Saturday before ACM. And then of course, the big day of the market on Sunday and seeing everyone come in. It gives us a chance to meet our mission partners and learn what they are doing. Children and families come in and learn how they can make a difference, and that the holiday season is about giving and helping others.

 I see God on the move through me, through all the volunteers for ACM, through all our ministry partners, and with all the thousands of people that we are able to help.

Written by Valerie Bass

About the Altenative Christmas Market

The ACM raises over $100,000 each year, which touches thousands of lives, from foster youth, feeding those in need, education, evangelism, helping oppressed people and so much more.

If you are interested in learning more about the ACM team come visit us on the patio or come join us for dessert on Thursday, September 27 at 6:30pm. Contact Valerie Bass for more information.


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